SM Milling rolls test

Tests were carried out in 1998 in a 180 t / 24 h soft wheat mill in Poznan (western Poland). Three pairs of self-matting rolls were installed in roller mills, which had both pairs of … Read more

Zaranda RSVM

The RSVM Shale Shaker, is designed for the cleaning or classification of cereals or other products, allowing the separation of impurities and foreign objects of different sizes or weights. To the sieve itself, an air … Read more

CPLG horizontal drum screen

CPLG horizontal drum screen is used for separation sifting of coarser particles than the product flowing from it. It has in its interior a brush that keeps clean the perforations of the machine. It can … Read more

VTNG Pneumatic conveying rotary diverter

When designing the VTNG Routing Valve, Prillwitz & Co has introduced a new concept in pneumatic conveying line diversion. The transfer of material flows is done through a spinning rotor that can forward the product … Read more

STP Flexible silos

Our flexible storage silos are made of Trevira┬« fabric. Their innovative design aims at simplifying dry bulk products storaging and unloading. These disassembled silos may be used for the indoor storage of flour, raw materials … Read more

B Pin Mill (Impactor)

The B Pin Mill is used to grind grains into flour, semolina, and bran at high throughtput rates. Its most advanced design meets the stringent requirements of the modern Flour Milling industry while producing big … Read more

Cornflakes Production

The raw materials available for animal feed must be subjected to various technological treatments in order to improve their nutritional value. The aim of the treatments is to inactivate or destroy any anti-nutritional factors and … Read more