Our company is divided into two main sectors. The Flour Mill sector manufactures mills for milling any kind of wheat (soft wheat and hard or durum wheat), maize (corn) and other grains such as rye, chickpea, etc. On the other hand, the Dry bulk materials handling sector supplies all the necessary equipment for handling floury and granulated products.


Among the equipment we supply for such tasks, we can mention the followings: special silos (made of Trevira fabric or stainless steel), pneumatic conveyors, sifters and classifiers of flours or grains, dosers, bagging and sealing machines, big-bag handling equipment, mixers, hammer and roller mills, dust collector systems and scales. Both sectors have experience in manufacturing and supplying either individual machines or the whole turn key facility

Bagging and Sealing Machines

Prillwitz applies the latest technology when designing its bagging equipment. Not only we supply bag filling, forming and weighing machines (for sacks of 10 up to 60 kg), but also we can provide you with … Read more

Maize and wheat flour mills

Prillwitz has a history of more than 80 years in flour mills installation. As we aim at providing the latest technology, we have become a prestigious company. We are also able to provide you with … Read more

Pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying system is considered today as one of the most efficient ways to convey products because of its security, sanitation and reliability. Pneumatic conveying is the ideal solution for countless number of problems emerging … Read more

Air Aspiration and Filtration

In all industries that involve the employment of mealy products and granules, aspiration and filtration equipment is needed. Not only to prevent the emission of dust into the environment but also to conserve part of … Read more

Classifying and Sifting

The quality of the product is directly affected by the efficiency of the sifting process. In this respect, Prillwitz supplies the proper sifter according to the product to be sifted and the specific granulation that … Read more

Dry Products Dosing

In order to achieve a precise dosing of raw materials into the production line, Prillwitz supplies several dosification systems and dry materials feeders that allow the dosing of the unproccessed products precisely. Our raw materials … Read more


Our dry and granulated product mixers with double thread spiral worm allow the achieving of a high homogeneity coefficient in the mixture within a few minutes. When necessary, it is very simple to add weighing … Read more

Big-bags Loaders and Unloaders

For those industries that employ the Big-Bag system, Priwllitz supplies equipment for loading and unloading bags. We also provide pneumatic conveyance systems needed to insert the bag´s content into the production line, once the later … Read more


With more than 8 decades of experience in designing and installing dry products mills, Prillwitz stands out among the others because of its commitment to clients needs. With this goal, Prillwitz´s mills are able to … Read more

Cornflakes Production

The raw materials available for animal feed must be subjected to various technological treatments in order to improve their nutritional value. The aim of the treatments is to inactivate or destroy any anti-nutritional factors and … Read more

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