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VTNG Pneumatic conveying rotary diverter

When designing the VTNG Routing Valve, Prillwitz & Co has introduced a new concept in pneumatic conveying line diversion. The transfer of material flows is done through a spinning rotor that can forward the product … Read more

VTN Pneumatic conveying diverter

VTN Routing Valve is used to detour the pneumatic transportation of products without previously emptying the pipes. Thanks to its unique design, a perfect and lasting seal is guaranteed, thus minimizing energy waste. Due to … Read more

HDF Dust Collector

We manufacture three types of dust collectors: HDFA filter, which accurately separates the grain from impurities, such as dust and glume, thanks to its cyclonic device; HDFQ filter, which saves space and reduces costs; and … Read more

HSP Inlet Rotary Lock

Designed for the inlet of products in pressure pneumatic transports, HSP Valves are prepared to resist high working pressures while achieving an ideal mixture of the product with the air present in conveying tubes.These robust … Read more

HSD Discharge Rotary Lock

The HSD Outlet Valve can be used not only as a sealing when unloading pneumatic conveyors but also as a dosing media for bins and silos. Adittionally, the discharge rotary valve can cooperate with dust … Read more

CL On-Line Sifter

The on-line sifter has been designed to control post sifting operations in pneumatic transport lines, thereby guaranteeing the elimination of foreign particles from the production line. The scalper must be mounted directly in the pneumatic … Read more