SGE purifier

sasor SGE for semolina cleaning and separationThe sasor SGE has proven its excellent performance in semolina cleaning and separation. Its fully adjustable system allows for excellent purity of the processed semolina.

The SGE flour purifier consists of two sets of three-level sieves that are cleaned by tilting brushes. These sieves are 100% adjustable in transverse and longitudinal inclination, allowing their perfect adaptation to the product.

The suspension is carried out by means of Rosta® vibrating elements, which provide a serene ride avoiding any wear due to fatigue.

Prillwitz has emphasized the perfect accessibility to all areas of the machine, making it a sanitary and functional equipment for grain cleaning.

It has 34 independent suction chambers, each equipped with registers to vary the suction flow by means of registers. At the same time, the SGE purifiers have two adjustable air inlets that allow the adjustment of the air capacity. All these variables allow the machine to be regulated for maximum efficiency in the purification process.

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