Milling rolls

PRILLWITZ Ostrów Wielkopolski S.A. is one of the biggest European manufacturers and suppliers of cast iron rolls. Based on more than 120 years experience, Prillwitz´s rolls incorporate the most advanced technologies, thereby achieving an impassable … Read more

Silo fluidizer

Prillwitz´s vibrator prevent bridging, rat holing and compacting, keeping dry bulk materials moving. By generating (Through) constant vibration, silo fluidizer provide a uniform flow of any non-free-flowing product without allowing it to compact or plug. … Read more

MBA Bin Level Control

The MBA Bin Level Control is used as a point level detector for powdery and granular products, such as flour, wheat, coal dust, polystyrene or wood shavings. Specially designed for measuring non-free flowing products flour … Read more

CBM Gravity Conveying Pipe

The Gravity conveying pipe stands out among other equipment used for conveying products within a working plant. According to their names, gravity pipes convey dry product by taking advantage of gravity´s law. One key characteristic … Read more