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SGE Purifier

When cleaning and separating semolina, the SGE purifier offers the best performance. By being totally adjustable, the grains cleaner allows to obtain the highest purity of the processed products. Flour purifiers are fitted with two … Read more

BPM Monocase Rotary Sifter

The BPM sifter utilizes the most innovative and sophisticated technologies. Because of this, it is ideal for refinishing flour as well as sifting and grading a wide variety of dry products such as food substances, … Read more

PC plansifter

PC plansifters are sifting machines of huge capacity: they have several sections of square sieves one upon the other. The vast experience of Prillwitz on machinery for the foodstuff and milling industries, has allowed it … Read more

PA Impact Detacher

PA Detacher is used in the milling process to detach flattened flour sheets which would be otherwise be classified as husk, but more intensively than the HDR detachers, thus helping to the grinding performed by … Read more

HDR Detacher

HDR detacher is used in the milling process to detach flattened product sheets, which would otherwise be classified like husk and consequently discarded. The product is taken by a conveying pallets rotor, which spins fast, … Read more

HVS Centrifugal Sifter

The HVS sifter has been designed to achieve the highest performance in the sieving of difficult products, such as the ones coming from the air jet filters or the brushing machines of flour milling plants. … Read more

CA Brushing Machine

The CA Brushing Machine plays an important role in the yield obtained from the milling process, because it allows the recovery of flours that would otherwise be lost. That is possible because the beating against … Read more

BCH Roller Mill

The BCH roller mill is the product of decades of research and development conducted by our firm in order to improve the milling process and achieve greater capacity and quality while reducing maintenance time. The … Read more