Molinos harineros

Nueva zaranda RSVM

Para las plantas procesadoras de oleaginosas a partir de granos de soja, girasol, etc., Prillwitz fabrica todo tipo de maquinaria para la clasificación de semillas. En este rubro se destacan y la despedradora gravimétrica DPR, … Read more

RHA Scourer

RHA Trimmer is used to clean wheat of particles such as scale, dust and sand.  It delivers the product ready to be ground. In order to guarantee a good performance, the product enters tangentially and … Read more

RSA Vibratory screener

RSA Screener was designed for cleaning cereals and other products, allowing a precise removal of husks and foreign particles. The machine features two superimpossed sifters, detaching de upper one the coarse elements and the lower … Read more

EFNC Vertical Dryer-Cooler

EFNC dryer cooler, allows efficient drying and cooling of products, with high energy savings. The section of the dryer is made of thermally insulated stainless steel, The cooler acts by countercurrent with the use of … Read more

VTNG Pneumatic conveying rotary diverter

When designing the VTNG Routing Valve, Prillwitz & Co has introduced a new concept in pneumatic conveying line diversion. The transfer of material flows is done through a spinning rotor that can forward the product … Read more

VTN Pneumatic conveying diverter

VTN Routing Valve is used to detour the pneumatic transportation of products without previously emptying the pipes. Thanks to its unique design, a perfect and lasting seal is guaranteed, thus minimizing energy waste. Due to … Read more

HVV Steam chest

Built in stainless steel and perfectly thermally insulated, the cooking tower is ideal for the hydrothermal treatment of easily draining products, such as corn and other grains or legumes. Due to its modular design, it … Read more

Outdoor storage silos

The outdoor bins and tanks are manufactured by using advanced technology. Their innovative design allows the user to achieve complete tightness of the product. Upon request, a dehumidifying system employing inside air may be incorporated … Read more

Disassembled silos

The disassembled storage silos are intended to offer the fullest versatility in terms of design, capacity and geometric construction. In order to best suit individual needs, silos are made of different materials, such as stainless … Read more

STP Flexible silos

Our flexible storage silos are made of Trevira® fabric. Their innovative design aims at simplifying dry bulk products storaging and unloading. These disassembled silos may be used for the indoor storage of flour, raw materials … Read more

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