Nueva zaranda RSVM

Para las plantas procesadoras de oleaginosas a partir de granos de soja, girasol, etc., Prillwitz fabrica todo tipo de maquinaria para la clasificación de semillas. En este rubro se destacan y la despedradora gravimétrica DPR, … Read more

SDA Grain Classifier

The SDA Grain Classifier has been specially designed to separate grains according to shape and size. It precisely classifies a wide variety of grains, including different types of the same seed. The rotating discs are … Read more

Milling rolls

PRILLWITZ Ostrów Wielkopolski S.A. is one of the biggest European manufacturers and suppliers of cast iron rolls. Based on more than 120 years experience, Prillwitz´s rolls incorporate the most advanced technologies, thereby achieving an impassable … Read more

BPM Monocase Rotary Sifter

The BPM sifter utilizes the most innovative and sophisticated technologies. Because of this, it is ideal for refinishing flour as well as sifting and grading a wide variety of dry products such as food substances, … Read more

PC plansifter

PC plansifters are sifting machines of huge capacity: they have several sections of square sieves one upon the other. The vast experience of Prillwitz on machinery for the foodstuff and milling industries, has allowed it … Read more

SIGMA Hammer Mill

The SIGMA Hammer Mill has been designed to provide high versatility and efficiency during the milling process. The hammermill has a grinding chamber with interchangeable blades and a vast sifting area given by a special … Read more

B Pin Mill (Impactor)

The B Pin Mill is used to grind grains into flour, semolina, and bran at high throughtput rates. Its most advanced design meets the stringent requirements of the modern Flour Milling industry while producing big … Read more

BCD Flaking Mill

The flaking mill has been specially designed for crushing cereals, legumes and other products into thiny “flakes”. It is also suitable for breaking and granulating.    Technical information               … Read more

PA Impact Detacher

PA Detacher is used in the milling process to detach flattened flour sheets which would be otherwise be classified as husk, but more intensively than the HDR detachers, thus helping to the grinding performed by … Read more

DSE Crusher

The Crusher DSE has been designed to reduce the size of lumps in a product that arise due to humidity or long still stay. It is used to break down big size blocks, to more … Read more

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