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Grain milling

The necessary machinery for the milling and sifting processes is basically the same for the different types of grains. The key to achieving high performance and a superior quality product is the right location of … Read more

Grains cleaning

The correct condition of the grains is fundamental for their further milling. The main objective of the grain cleaning process is the separation and removal of foreign particles and the dampening of grains. When designing … Read more

Bagging and Sealing Machines

Prillwitz applies the latest technology when designing its bagging equipment. Not only we supply bag filling, forming and weighing machines (for sacks of 10 up to 60 kg), but also we can provide you with … Read more

Technology manufacturing of precooked corn flour

Para lograr harinas precocidas de maíz de alta calidad se realiza la cocción del mismo una vez desgerminado y previo a la refinación. De esta forma se parte de partículas grandes consiguiendo la cocción apropiada … Read more


The storaging of dry products can be performed in bags, silos or tanks. When gathering big amounts of raw materials, Prillwitz recommends using silos because they economize space, facilitate cleaning and require less number of … Read more

Milling accessories

The produced flours can be dispatched as they come out of the milling process or may be improved with additives or special preservatives to facilitate its subsequent use. The dispatch can be done in small … Read more

Spare parts

Complementing our product line, we supply a wide range of parts and accessories which are crucial for the optimal functioning of the working plant.