PNBP 700 Neumatic bagging machine

PNPBP 700 bagging machine is the most suitable bagging machine for filling inner valve bags (an adaptation for filling open mouth bags can be fitted). This bagging machine has been designed to simultaneously pack and weigh powdery or fine granular products, including difficult to handle products such as: flours, starch, gypsum, lime, cement, sawdust, aluminum powder, caustic soda, refractory materials, carbon black, polycarbonates, semolina, semolina, impalpable sugar, among others.

embolsadora pnbp 700

That is why our PNBP 700 bag fillers are used in industries as diverse as chemical, plastic, feed, mining, construction, food, milling, etc.

In some cases, our bagging machine is the only one capable of properly bagging the product. Typical examples are products sensitive to mechanical friction, which inevitably occur in common bagging machines such as auger fillers.

This is the case for gelatine, PVC and PET powder, resins, fatty products and wheat semolina.

It is the fastest single-spout machine on the market: in the case of wheat flour, its capacity is 380/400 50 kg bags per hour.

The absence of complicated mechanisms that wear out easily, allows to practically eliminate the maintenance service, with consequent operating savings.

In case product contact with the environment through the bag valve could be a problem, Prilliwtz recommends to complement the bagging machines with a sealing equipment or ultrasonic bag sealer.

Prillwitz bagging machine PNBP 800bsxh 10-60 kg.

Technical information:

Pneumatic Bagging Machine PNBP 700.

Thread or gravity feed and pre-sifting.

Thread or gravity feeding

Feeding by pneumatic transp. and pre-sifting

Pneumatic transp. feeding

Double PNBP assembly

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