Oil plants machines

We produce all kinds of machinery for seed grading, in oilseed processing plants from soybeans, sunflower seeds, etc. The DPR gravimetric shredder, the SDA honeycomb disc separators and the RSVM shredders stand out.

For conveying products within the plant, Prillwitz manufactures air or pneumatic conveying systems and mechanical conveyors, to which are added HSF infines and bucket elevators.

For the storage of the final product and by-products we supply special silos with different kinds of extractors. We also supply dry product packaging machines and big bag fillers.

We also manufacture complete systems for dust extraction, dust extraction and air filtering. In this area, low pressure fans and HDF bag filters stand out.

Within the spare parts we consider it essential to highlight the centrifugally cast iron cylinders for rolling mills.

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