DBB big-bag Unloader

If you need equipment to unload big bags quickly and efficiently, we have a product to fit your needs: the DBB Unloader.

Its proven design makes the unloading of maxi bags a simple and safe operation, guaranteeing the absence of dust in the environment and avoiding the waste of raw materials.

DBB Big Bag Unloader

The unloading system is composed of: a modular structure adjustable in height; a base with a conical hopper of 1, 2 m3 capacity with optional vibration; a breathing spout with filtering sleeve and a lower door to open and unload the maxi-bags without the possibility of accidents. It can be built in different materials – such as iron or stainless steel – and with various accessories that facilitate the emptying of the big-bags.

Among the latter, we highlight the self-supporting rigging that lifts and positions the bags for unloading, the automatic cutting system and the shaking system that significantly reduces big-bag emptying times in the case of products that clump together.

  Technical information:

Big Bag Entlader

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