HSF Screw Conveyor

The HSF/T Screw Conveyor has been designed for the extraction, conveying and feeding of great variety of dry products. Prillwitz manufactures two kinds of chain conveyors: the tubular screw (HSF) and the chain with trays … Read more

DMB Volumetric Measurer

The DMB Volumetric Measurer is used to extract hourly constant volumes of grain from cereal silos.By placing several measurers under different silos it is possible to achieve quite precise mixtures. The DMB measuring machine works … Read more

HSD Discharge Rotary Lock

The HSD Outlet Valve can be used not only as a sealing when unloading pneumatic conveyors but also as a dosing media for bins and silos. Adittionally, the discharge rotary valve can cooperate with dust … Read more

DMCA Micro Feeder

The DMCA feeder is used when a precise amount of dry products needs to be dosed into the production line. Prillwitz´s feeder has been specially designed in order to ensure its accuracy during operation. Because … Read more

DAHG Automatic Dampener

To properly moisten grains prior to mill and sift them is essential. It can be done in two stages: in a first stage the water is added to be, in a second stage, mixed with … Read more