Clasificación y cernido

CPLG horizontal drum screen

CPLG horizontal drum screen is used for separation sifting of coarser particles than the product flowing from it. It has in its interior a brush that keeps clean the perforations of the machine. It can … Read more

RSA Vibratory screener

RSA Screener was designed for cleaning cereals and other products, allowing a precise removal of husks and foreign particles. The machine features two superimpossed sifters, detaching de upper one the coarse elements and the lower … Read more

SDA Grain Classifier

The SDA Grain Classifier has been specially designed to separate grains according to shape and size. It precisely classifies a wide variety of grains, including different types of the same seed. The rotating discs are … Read more

BPM Monocase Rotary Sifter

The BPM sifter utilizes the most innovative and sophisticated technologies. Because of this, it is ideal for refinishing flour as well as sifting and grading a wide variety of dry products such as food substances, … Read more

PC plansifter

PC plansifters are sifting machines of huge capacity: they have several sections of square sieves one upon the other. The vast experience of Prillwitz on machinery for the foodstuff and milling industries, has allowed it … Read more

RHS Scourer

The scourer (also called magnetic detacher) is used to clean out small particles – such as husk, dust and sand – attached to the wheat grain surface. It delivers the product ready and apt to … Read more

DPR Gravity Stoner

The DPR gravity stoner has been designed for the splitting of light and heavy wheat fractions, the separation of stones and other light specific weight materials and the partial elimination of dust and other impurities. … Read more

CL On-Line Sifter

The on-line sifter has been designed to control post sifting operations in pneumatic transport lines, thereby guaranteeing the elimination of foreign particles from the production line. The scalper must be mounted directly in the pneumatic … Read more

CC conical sifter

The CC conical sifter provides a reliable and effective sifting action throughout long periods, while guaranteeing the ausence of foreign bodies in the production line. Conical sifters have a rotor with cleaning brushes that spread … Read more

HVS Centrifugal Sifter

The HVS sifter has been designed to achieve the highest performance in the sieving of difficult products, such as the ones coming from the air jet filters or the brushing machines of flour milling plants. … Read more

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